About Us

Our Approach

There are many different types of yoga – and beliefs of what yoga is.

We teach Anusara yoga. This combines a flow style with a focus on the five principles of universal alignment.

Our classes consist of a gentle warm-up section, a pranayama section, a strong asana section, a meditation section and relaxation.

Why ‘Find the Gap’?

The name of the company is a play on words with the phrase ‘Mind the Gap’ – something you’ll hear frequently on the tube in London.

In this case, through yoga, we aspire to find the gaps in the stream of our mind’s chatter. It’s through these gaps that we’re able to access a different level of consciousness and ultimately find the inner peace and stillness that we all have.



John Profile I’ve been practicing yoga for over 12 years.

When I started practicing I was just looking for a stretching routine that would complement the swimming, cycling and running training I was doing at the time to restore the suppleness and flexibility that I was losing by doing repetitive exercise.

Over the years I’ve learned that yoga is so much more than just physical exercise. It’s a practice that can bring significant benefits to body, mind and quality of life.

I trained as a yoga teacher to extend my own practice but also to gain the skills to be able to share it with others.